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SikhNet Radio allows you to listen to Gurbani live from Shri Harmandir sahib,Amritsar, as well as providing various programed Gurbani radio streams featuring all kinds of different Kirtan. Wether you are at your office, in your home or traveling in your car, you can tune in to the Gurus Bani through SikhNet Radio.


YOUR ONE STOP FOR GURBANI KIRTAN, KATHA, NEWS, GEET DHADI VARAN, LIVE TALK SHOWS Daily Prayers (Nitnem), Gurbani Melodious Hymns (Shabad Kirtan), Gurbani Analysis (Katha), Religious Songs (Dharmik Geet), Bard Players (Dhadi Varan), LIVE Talk Shows on Current Affairs, Social & Religious issues with ACTIVE Listener Participation and all this is Free 24 hours, 7 Days and much more…………. Purpose for all this is to provide Peaceful & Tranquil environment for Sikhs and promote Universal Peace & Brotherhood!